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The story so far...
For the last few years - November 1994 (when I left Intel) to May 1997 to be more precise - Nancy and I devoted ourselves to a little project called City.Net. The little project which we started with Rowland Smith back in 1994 grew quite a bit. City.Net was purchased by Architext Software (now known as Excite, Inc.) in November, 1995 and is now the #1 travel site on the web! In May, 1997 there were almost 5000 destinations covered with maps, weather, and travel descriptions. If you want to know more about the beginnings of City.Net, check out its brief history or the first year.

All the effort that went into building City.Net left us pretty burned out, so now we're taking a break. We've moved into a new house and Nancy and I plan to do some travelling of our own and start pursuing other interests.

Kevin Altis
ps. I haven't updated this site in a long time, but I am writing new material at Kevin Altis' Weblog.

Revised December 8, 2001.